All-new Xbox Series consoles revealed!

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xbox series new consoles
New Xbox Series consoles, anyone?

Can’t decide on the Xbox Series console for you? Not sure if you want the Series S or Series X? That decision is about to get even trickier with the introduction of three new Series consoles. 

To date, you’ve had the option of running the uber powerful Xbox Series X, disk drive and all. Or the disk-less, slightly less powerful Xbox Series S, whether that be the original 512GB Robot White version, or the slightly newer 1TB Carbon Black . But now, or at least come Holiday 2024, those options get complemented/superseded by three new versions of Microsoft’s finest. 

Microsoft have announced three new Series consoles, for purchase from the Holiday season of 2024. They are a 1TB All-Digital Robot White Series S, a 1TB All-Digital Robot White Series X, or the fancy, special edition 2TB Disc Drive Galaxy Black Series X. Those new colours should be a perfect fit if you’ve got a new Turtle Beach headset too.

New Xbox Series S with twice the storage

Taking the smaller of the consoles first and the Xbox Series S 1TB All-Digital Robot White takes the externals of the original Series S, and doubles the storage, ramping things up to 1TB. Now, you’ve been able to get a 1TB Black Series S for a while, but if your gaming desires focus on the all-white, then this is a great option to have. 

It delivers gameplay up to 120 FPS, runs fast load times, has Quick Resume in place and will ensure you can store twice as much as previous, thanks to the 1TB inclusion. It’s coming this Holiday for $349.99/€349.99 ERP. And it looks like this will signal the end of the Carbon Black version, as that will now only be available ‘whilst stocks last’. 

New Xbox Series X consoles

And then we have a couple of new Xbox Series X versions. 

For many it’ll be the disk-less 1TB All-Digital Robot White version that excites, and if Game Pass is your bag, then this will be a great option to have. It allows for true 4K gaming, as well as everything you would expect from a Series X console, but does it without the inclusion of a drive. If you’ve embraced the digital age, this is perhaps the one for you. You will however need to stump up a $449.99/€499.99 ERP​ asking price. 

Others will be more intrigued by the new special edition console – the Xbox Series X 2TB Disc Drive Galaxy Black. This is probably the snazziest Series X ever created, taking the standard black design but throwing in a silver, grey, and green celestial effect. Frankly, it looks stunning, and when you pair it with double the storage of a standard Xbox Series X, will be near perfect for keeping as many games as possible ready for action. 

And a controller!

There’s more though and the 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition will come to market with a matching Xbox Wireless Controller, with that featuring a black D-Pad and Velocity Green back. That controller will only be available with a purchase of the Special Edition console. 

The price of all this? How does a cool $599.99/€649.99​ ERP sound?

Hit up the Xbox Store pages for the Series S and the Series X if you fancy chucking some money down.


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