MOZA Unveils New Cutting-Edge Flight Sim Gear

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Think of nothing more than flying high in the sky? Want to do so virtually, but with the very finest flight simulation gear to hand? You’ll want to check out what MOZA have planned. 

MOZA have been proving themselves as racing aficionados for the last few years, but now they step into the flight sim business, unveiling their state of the art kit at the FlightSimExpo. 

If you have been attending the event, you’ll have been given the opportunity to experience MOZA’s state-of-the-art force feedback technology, high-torque dual servo motors, and customizable control software. It has been designed in collaboration with seasoned pilots, as their newest product line promises to deliver the most immersive and authentic flight experiences available. 

MOZA Flight Bundle
MOZA Flight Bundle

Aviation grade kit

From aviation-grade materials to high-resolution encoders, MOZA’s latest offerings are set to revolutionize the flight simulation industry, developed in collaboration with seasoned pilots and featuring proprietary force feedback technology, showcases our unwavering commitment to enhancing the simulation experience for a diverse audience. 

Accurately replicating physical interactions is essential for top-tier flight simulators. And that means that every pilot, whether flying a commercial airliner, a modern helicopter, or the Space Shuttle, requires precise hand and foot controls to maneuver their aircraft.

It’s here where MOZA has introduced its active force feedback base, the MOZA AB9 Base. This is the cornerstone of its flight simulation line, complete with a proprietary force feedback algorithm ensuring precise and realistic responses, providing pilots with an authentic feel of the aircraft controls.

Key Features of MOZA Active Force Feedback Base

The new MOZA AB9 Base is packed with innovative features that set a new standard in the industry:

  • Force Feedback Algorithm: This proprietary algorithm ensures precise and realistic force feedback, giving pilots an authentic feel of the aircraft controls.
  • 9N·m Dual Servo Motors: High-torque dual servo motors deliver powerful and responsive feedback, enhancing the realism of flight maneuvers.
  • MOZA Cockpit Control Software: This software allows for comprehensive customization and fine-tuning of flight settings, ensuring a personalized flight experience for every user.
  • Aviation-Grade Aluminium Alloy Construction: Our products are crafted from high-quality materials and are built to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.
  • High-Resolution Encoder: Advanced encoder technology ensures smooth and precise control inputs, which are crucial for accurate flight simulation.

More gear!

From there, MOZA have a variety of products that will cater for different aircraft. In addition to the MOZA AB9 base, it offers up the MOZA MH16 Joystick, the MTP throttle panel, MTLP take off and landing panel, MOZA MRP Rudder Pedals and Joystick Z-Axis module to enhance the pilot’s experience.

The MH16 Joystick replicates the controls of real fighter jets, providing an authentic piloting experience. Further, is the MTP Throttle Panel & MTLP Landing and Takeoff Panel which looks to cover fighter aircraft controls with extended throttle travel, customizable detents, and 35 physical switches. They feature infinitely adjustable resistance, real-time airspeed feedback via a vibration module, and high-precision angle sensors. Made from durable aluminium alloy, these panels offer a realistic and intuitive experience, and can be used together or independently.

You;ll also find some MRP Rudder pedals, adaptable to various types of aircraft, from fighter jets to helicopters, these pedals offer the flexibility needed for diverse flight simulations.

Rounding it all off will be the MOZA Cockpit Control Software. This boasts intuitive UI design and seamless interaction, facilitating plug-and-play convenience and provides downloadable presets for personalized adjustments. It’s in here where you’ll be able to fine-tune control parameters, force feedback intensity, and response characteristics to suit your own preferences with ease.

Your best bet from here is to visit MOZA direct and see what is on offer. Let us know if any of it suits your style. 


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