Trust launches the Primo Wireless Deskset

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Trust Primo Wireless Deskset
Stock image – Trust Primo Wireless Deskset

Looking for the perfect keyboard and mouse combo? Trust have got your back, no matter whether you’re looking to game or work as they announce the Primo Wireless Deskset. 

Trust are a leading digital lifestyle accessories brand, covering all manner of items; headsets, keyboards, mice and more. It’s with that in which they are building their range with the Primo Wireless Deskset – a keyboard and mouse combo that should streamline your working prowess. 

Priced really nicely – a mere £14.99 from Argos – the Primo Wireless Deskset is the ideal solution for those seeking efficiency and productivity in their daily tasks.

It comes coplete with membrane key technology, as the full-size keyboard provides a comfortable, seamless typing experience. This should mean that your longer working days are much more manageable, with that spilling over into your evening gaming sessions too. 

With a spill-resistant design, you won’t need to worry too much about chucking your coffee over this one either. And the keyboard comes paired with the ambidextrous mouse, which caters to both right and left-handed users. Throw in UPE gliding pads for smooth and precise movement, and the Primo Deskset is designed with user comfort in mind and enables swift and efficient working for all.

There is full wireless connectivity too, so you can easily say goodbye to tangled wires and limited mobility. In fact, the Trust Primo Wireless Deskset allows you the freedom to work and game from wherever you like, however you like. It’s all powered by simply connecting the battery-powered keyboard and mouse via the single USB 2.0 receiver, ensuring that the deskset is ready to dive straight into without any hassle.

The Trust Primo Wireless Deskset has been thoughtfully designed to provide a straightforward, flexible and efficient work experience for all. With its robust and durable features, sleek appearance and user-friendly design, it is the perfect addition to any work – or gaming – space. 

Grab a Trust Primo Wireless Deskset from the likes of Argos. The £14.99 price tag certainly appeals. 


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